Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make-up women love but men hate


Neon lips, blue eyeshadow, shimmering glitter, and golden bronzers: This spring, some of the most dramatic looks we saw on the runways are making their way onto our faces. But not everything we dabble on pleases everyone. We had a hunch that some of our biggest beauty obsessions might be turn-offs for we went ahead asked. Prepare yourself: brutal honesty ensues.

1. Heavy foundation and powders: "The inch-thick powder is a huge turn-off," says Maxim senior editor Nick Leftley. "No guy wants to kiss a girl on the cheek and then find he¹s wearing foundation himself." A flaking face is one thing, but when your cheek becomes a palette of skin-tone colors, men pay attention...and not the good attention. "I'm always amazed to see women with two-tone faces, two apparently different shades of skin on the face, as if they apply makeup in the dark," says James Oliver Cury, the online editorial director at Maxim. "I'd rather see one greasy face than some sort of melanin imbalance. The nose should match the cheeks."

2. "Bumps": “I never liked, or knew of any other guy who liked, the Gwen Stefani "bumpit" look," says Henry Belanger, an editor at The Good Men Project. "Be wary of anything that makes your head look unnaturally large."

3. Neon lipstick: Most of the fashion world agreed that electric pouts were a beauty "do" this season. Some men, however, beg to differ. "Orange lips are definitely a departure from what we're used to and not necessarily something a lot of guys I know really respond to just quite yet,” say fashion blogger John Januzzi of Lucky and the fashion website, Textbook.

4. Too-thin brows:"My pet peeve is overly plucked eyebrows," says David Swanson, Maxim's Features Editor."I mean, really? It's basically an advertisement that naturally you're hairier than Robin Williams. If it looks natural, we'd never have to wonder."

5. Bold eye-shadow: "I don't understand the revival of bright blue eyeshadow," proposes Maxim's Cury. "Is it retro? Is it purposefully over-the-top? To my eyes, it just looks tacky no matter how you wear it." Lucky's Januzzi isn't as bothered by color as he is by application. "Smoky eyes--when done right are great--very sexy and attractive but when done wrong they look a total mess," he says. "Seek professional guidance before trying at home."

6. Rosy cheeks: “As far as make-up goes, I think rouge is for old ladies,” adds Good Men Project's Belanger. "I think guys generally prefer the kind of make-up you don't notice is there, and since there's a lot that guys don't notice I think women have a lot of leeway."

7. Two-toned lips:Remember Kim Mathers? She was almost as famous for her lip liner issues as she was for being defamed by Eminem. According to our dude survey, the pucker problem was more serious. "When I see thin lines drawn around a pair of lips, I think: Is this part of some gang initiation rite?" says Cury.

8. Glitter:"Women need to be judicious with it," says Cury. "It¹s like any good seasoning. You shouldn't shake it all over. It can overwhelm the main course." That being said, he's not opposed to a heavy sprinkle of cleavage glitter. Figures.

Nota dari aku

1. Heavy foundation and powders:
ok tolong la jgn nak tepek sekilo bedak kat muka.. tak lawa okay... da mcm tepung gomak da kadang2 aku tgk... lagi2 time jadi perantin.. bedak kat muka mcm boleh di ukir2 tebal nya.. tolong lah.. sederhana kan lg bagus... takde la pelik sgt dipandang orang.

2. "Bumps": mula2 baca aku mmg tak paham sgt apa maksud bumps nih... tp lelama aku perati ayat tuh... baru aku paham hahahaha (nasib le kan sapa suh tak amik english edukesen.. da la bengap nak paham ayat omputeh :P). Ok pelis... jgn pakai bonggol unta atas kepala. Sekarang ni mcm trend pakai bonggol unta atas kepala... well hello... korg ingat santek ke :>. Macam ALIEN taw tak... ALIEN baru turun dr langit tp cover diri dgn pakai tudung awning :((. Ada mcm2 pendapat pasal bonggol unta atas kepala nih.. tp bg aku aku lebih suka guna pendapat bonggolan itu adalah haram. Korang boleh rujuk sini, sini, dan sini utk keterangan lanjut.

3. Neon lipstick: Lipstik kaler yg lembut2 lg chantek dr kaler2 mengarut.. ngeri taw especially yg kaler merah menyala tuh... da mcm makcik ratu anjasmoro kat cite anjasmoro tv3 tuh. Kaler itam lg la.. aku pon tak paham org pakai lipstik kaler itam nih.. gothic? whatever...

4. Too-thin brows: hehe korg nak jadi org mesir purba ke ;)). Diorg tu cukur kening sampai abis sebab fahaman diorg cenggitu, yg korg ni cukur kening sampai nipis ala2 takde lansung tu apa kejadah nya? mcm point no 2. point ni pon ada mcm2 pandangan and aku skali lg berpegang pada pandangan cukur kening itu haram. Korg boleh gugel sndri maklumat pasal ni..taip je hukum cukur kening nnt mcm2 maklumat ada :D.

5. Bold eye-shadow: sian dia.. kena tumbuk dgn sapa mata tuh. da lebam2 ;)). sian2 :P

6. Rosy cheeks: ok sket2 takpe nampak lawa. tp kalau da mcm kena bekas penampar askar jepon...sndri mau ingat la kan :D

7. Two-toned lips: yang ni aku tak taw nak kata la.. tp pada pandangan mata aku... mcm lipstik tak siap :D. Aku? mana ada pakai lipstik hahahaha... beli je lip gloss tp haram nak pakai kakakakaka...

8. Glitter: hikhikhik serupa mcm komen2 aku yg diatas la ya.. malas dah nak karang ayat sbb aku nak gi paso mlm dah ni :P

Kesimpulannya :: Aku tak suka make-up dan org2 yg heavy make-up and org2 yg paksa aku bermekap!

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cek chun said...

mula2 baca aku macam.. watdeheck ini minah sudah lalok ker apa..sejak bila bermekap bagai.. hahahaha
rupanya masih seperti normal. syukur alhamdulillahhh...

niway, aku mekap girl gak. tengok pic fb. ada heavy tak? mekap eh..not my weigh. hat tu hang tak habaq pun aku dah tau.